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Weird day for a first post

August 31, 2011

I have to admit, this is kind of a weird week for starting a blog about balancing a hectic schedule. I have had so much free time on my hands lately. I actually was able to find time to put together this physical blog that I have been planning and creating in my head since May (not kidding).

Let me explain, the power has been out at the music school since Saturday, which means I did not have to go to work yesterday or today. Not to mention the fact that my shift at the hat store got rained hurricaned out on Saturday. Basically, I have been having a mini-vacay the past couple of days and I am NOT complaining.

I thought that I might have to go back to the office today, so I got up early to fit in a 6:30 am yoga class at WSC before work. When I got out of the shower, I had a message from my boss informing me not to come in today since there was still no power. Woohoo! Last night, I had told the BF that if for some reason I didn’t have to go to work today, I would help him get his classroom set up. I went over to the school around 9:00 am and spent the morning decorating bulletin boards, making name tags, sharpening pencils, putting together pencil boxes, hanging cursive letters above the white (no longer black) board, etc. And ya’ll, let me tell you, I had the best time! Is there a career where someone can make bulletin boards and play with school supplies all day? If so, after today, I have decided that’s the career for me…

I did have to work a shift at the hat shop tonight. It was almost like easing slowly back into this whole going to work thing. I do know for a fact that the school has power and I will have to go in as usual tomorrow. It is too bad because I was getting used to not going to work but knowing I was getting paid anyway! The shop was slow today and I am blaming it on the GORGEOUS weather – who goes shopping for winter hats (yes, we have wool/felt hats already!) when they could finally be outside without sweating! It really does feel like fall is just around the corner.

I am le tired and am off to bed. The plan for tomorrow is a 6:00 am workout, 9:00 am to 5:00 pm at the office, going to a good-bye happy hour in Dupont for my friend Rachel who is moving to California (to do Urban Farming in Berkley – REALLY cool sounding!), then going out to a late dinner with the BF at Tackle Box (thank you Groupon!).

Ok, that’s all for now. Good night!

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