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It’s a short work week for me!

September 12, 2011

On Thursday I am off to Boston/ Cape Cod for a wedding so I am only working 3.5 days this week! I love weddings, I love Cape Cod, and I love long weekends…so needless to say, I am counting down the hours! Also, I just checked the weather and I am finally going to get a taste of the fall weather I have been desiring – better make note of this for packing on Wednesday.

Going to weddings is expensive – airfare, hotel, gifts, dress, showers, etc. They are a blast but they can sure add up. Luckily for me (and my financial state) not too many of my friends are getting married right now, the BF, on the other hand, was invited to FOUR weddings this month alone. I decided I could only comfortably afford to go to one of them with him. While he went to three of the four (two fell on the same weekend), we decided that I would only go with him to Julie and Danny’s since they live in DC and they are the couple I am the closest with. It doesn’t hurt that the BF’s family has a house in Cape Cod which we will be staying at for free this weekend! As far as weddings go, this will be on the less expensive end of the spectrum and I am grateful for that!

I have also decided to wear a dress that I already own instead of spending money on a dress I don’t really need (even though I realllly want an excuse to buy a new dress!!!). I did, however, buy a black pashmina (with my employee discount at the shop) to use as a wrap with the dress, since it will be cooler in Massachusetts than it is here.

I got this dress at Loehmann’s in Friendship Heights, a discount department store like Marshalls or T.J.Maxx, over a year ago to wear to a work event at the theater where I used to work.

That’s me and my old coworker, Chris, at the gala! Sorry, I could only find a black and white picture to share but I will be sure to take plenty of pictures at the wedding. I am not going to wear tights this time, just black pumps and the pashmina scarf to keep warm.

Not only am I going to a wedding this weekend, but I am also going to my very first Red Sox game at Fenway Park! Since the BF grew up right outside of Boston, he has been a fan his entire life and makes sure to go to a few games every season. We went to the Orioles game at Camden Yards earlier this year, but now I am going to get the complete Red Sox experience. Since there was a game on Thursday evening, we decided to go up a day early to catch the game with his family. I have been to one Nationals game since I moved to DC, but other than that my only baseball experiences include the Greensboro Grasshoppers, the Asheville Tourists, and college games at UNC.

Asheville Tourists game in the summer of 2008

Ha! I found proof that I have been to some other baseball games in my life!

Anyways, I AM EXCITED to say the least! 2 days and counting…

Have you ever been to a game at Fenway? Is there anything I should know about before I go (traditions, chants, best vendors, etc)?

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