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You must read this book!

October 17, 2011

My book club has been picking AWESOME books lately!! You must read our October book, Sarah’s Key by Tatiana de Rosnay. I finished it in 4 days! I literally could not put it down. I went out for a few drinks with friends on Friday, and when I got home, I just had to stay up to finish the book!

This book is a fiction story about a true event – the Vél’ d’Hiv’ roundup in Paris, France. I am sad to admit that I did not know anything about the French involvement in the Holocaust and this book is quite eye-opening. It ties together the stories of a young girl whose family gets taken in the roundup in 1942 and a journalist of today who is researching this event. I highly doubt you will be able to put this down once you start reading – I am not saying that it is a happy, feel good book but it is a good, quality read.

Also, it looks like there is a French movie of the book – I might just have to see this.

I was kind of bummed this month because I actually had to buy the book. I usually try to reserve it at the library, so I can pick it up at my convenience. Every single copy of this book was checked out from the DC Public Library system (my first hint that this was going to be a good one). None of them were going to be returned until midway through October, which I guess wouldn’t have been a problem if I knew I was going to finish it in 4 days!!

In the past, I have been able to find cheap used books online (when we read The Red Tent, I got it for 50 cents!), but that was not the case this time. All of the books, new and used, were pretty comparable to what I could find at the stores if you included the shipping.

Before I gave in and paid full price, I decided to check out Second Story Books, one of my favorite used book stores in Dupont Circle!

I have had lots of success in finding current/ recent best sellers at Second Story Books. Luckily for my wallet, I was able to find Sarah’s Key here for only $7 – success! Hopefully, I can get nest month’s book at the library!


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