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Quality Reading?

October 27, 2011

So, what have I been reading for the rest of October since I finished my book club book so early?

Lots and lots of MAGAZINES! I looooove reading magazines! I can’t explain why, but I always have. This hobby can add up if you are not careful. Buying a single magazine each month can cost you $2.99, $3.99, or even $4.99 each – this is why getting a subscription is the most sensible way to go.

My roommate and I may or may not get 9 subscriptions sent to our apartment: Glamour, Self, Health, Fitness, Vegetarian, Lucky, The New Yorker, Time, & Bloomberg Business. (It might be a little self-depricating if I told you which were mine and which were hers, so I will let you guess!!) You may be thinking that this seems expensive but it is not at all – the majority of the subscriptions we got for free or for hardly paid any money at all!

Magazines are dying to sell subscriptions to new readers so they usually have great deals. If you check their website at any given time there will be some sort of promotion. For example, I just went to Lucky Magazine’s website and you can get 12 issues for $9.97 (.83 per issue) or 24 issues for $15 (.63 per issue). And you don’t even have to go to the store to pick it up, it comes right to your door! If you were to buy Lucky at 3.99 for one year you would pay upwards of $48 plus tax! If it is a magazine you like and know you plan to read often, this seems like a no brainer to me! (Did I mention that magazine subscriptions make good gifts?)

My other trick for cheap magazines is! Now, I am going to warn you that they send A LOT of emails but since I have gotten so many free/ cheap subscriptions from them I don’t mind putting up with the junk mail. is constantly sending out $5 and $10 coupons to use towards their site. The subscriptions are already cheaper on this site than straight form the magazine themselves and they are constantly having sales. Using these online coupons, you can get some magazine completely free and other for less than a dollar!

The only problem with getting so many magazines is finding time to read them all! Which is what I am going to do now…

Do you get paper/ magazine subscriptions or do you read everything on your computer/ ipad? Personally, I hope paper magazines will never go away!!

ALSO, looks what DC Savvy mom sent me in the mail!!!

A new batch of COUPONS!!! Lots of savings to be found. Can’t wait to cut them and categorize them!!

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