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Happy Thanksgiving!

November 16, 2011

Yes, I know it is not technically Thanksgiving yet but since I have to work at the hat shop over Thanksgiving weekend, I went home last weekend to celebrate with the family! Not only will I be working at the shop over the Holiday weekend, but I will also be running in my first official 5k race, which I am super excited about!

My only plans for my long weekend at home were to spend time with my family, catch up with some high school friends, and visit my cousin and her newborn baby! I was not at all expecting my parents to actually cook a Thanksgiving meal while I was home, but to my surprise, that is exactly what they had planned!

mmmmmm delicious!!

Since my parents were cooking the entire meal, I decided to contribute dessert!

mmmmmmm pumpkin roll!!

I have never made a pumpkin roll before, but I just followed the recipe on the Libby’s pumpkin can and it was pretty darn easy! I will probably be making one again soon considering my roommate and I have a few cans of pumpkin laying around here…

Now on to the highlight of the weekend – a baby!! Have you ever seen a week old baby in person before? This was the first time for me and it was one of the greatest feelings ever!! Sooooo sweet and adorable!! Look at him!!! Love!!!

Oh! Lastly, I wanted to share my latest grocery savings with you guys – I am SO  excited about this one!!

Do you see that savings value?!?! 29%!!! I think that is a record for me. This was achieved simply by coupon cutting and paying attention to the weekly store sales. You guys can do it too, all it takes is a little prep work before you got to the store.

Yes, I realize this is a very random post but I feel like this is reflective of my life recently. I feel like life has become cluttered lately; like I am going straight from one thing to the next without taking the time to properly follow through and reflect on the last thing before I move on. Kind of like I have lost control and just going, going, going… This is true for work projects, graduate school applications, social outings, going out of town, etc. Does that even make sense? It is hard to explain how I am feeling but it makes sense in my head…

Do you ever feel like life is “cluttered” (for lack of a better word)? What do you do to clear up this feeling and get back in control?

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  1. Lee permalink
    November 17, 2011 12:06 pm

    Lauren! I just found your blog through your gchat status- what a neat way to catch up with you! I’ll be reading it from here on out! …and when my life feels cluttered, I usually do my laundry and clean my room.

  2. November 28, 2011 1:38 pm

    Your pumpkin roll looks AMAZING!

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